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Corelis JTAG Tools Enable Customers to Reduce Costs

Corelis customers appreciate reduced costs using Corelis JTAG Boundary-Scan tools

Read about Corelis Success Stories that helped our customers to bring their products to market faster, reduce cost and increase sales.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Saves Time and Money Using Corelis Boundary-Scan Tools

O’Grady explained, “Two days of troubleshooting per board is excessive, especially when highly skilled personnel need to be involved. When five boards are bad, two weeks of my time is tied up causing major delays on other projects. It simply got to a point where we needed to either reduce the debug time or assign the task to someone else.”

“The Corelis tools have allowed me to recover lost time. When five boards have problems, not only do Corelis tools save me two weeks worth of work, but I can deliver five boards that much faster!”

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Fujitsu Switches from ICT to Easy-to-Use Boundary-Scan Test and Programming System Resulting in Savings Exceeding $500,000 in Little More Than a Year

It was the high cost and long lead times for building In-Circuit Test (ICT) equipment that sent Mark Cooper, senior test engineer at Fujitsu, looking for circuit board testing alternatives. Production volumes of the company’s FLASHWAVE 4100 high-speed optical communications access device were substantial, but not enough to justify the $25,000 to $40,000 cost of an ICT test fixture and program for each type of board that required testing. The FLASHWAVE 4100 hardware configuration (See Figure 1) is a multi-slot “shelf” that accommodates up to 15 circuit boards, all interconnected through a common backplane. The boards perform a variety of functions from network control to multiplexing to interfacing for traditional SONET or multiple Ethernet LAN services, so there are 12 different card types, presenting Cooper with a complex manufacturing test operation combining fairly low volumes, but many different configurations. In addition, the cards themselves are complex - some double-sided - with a variety of programmable flash and CPLDs that need custom programming.

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Boundary-Scan Parallel Test and Programming Cuts Costs and Simplifies Production of High-Volume Telephony Products

With demand growing so fast, IP telephony products like those from Zultys are characterized by an all new cost model that requires maximum yield in manufacturing. In addition, the products call for more complex and powerful components that must be packed into ever smaller circuit boards. One of the ways these companies can deliver on these promises is through the use of the latest manufacturing and test technologies. Zultys sees these technologies as a competitive edge in manufacturing its VoIP telephones for the enterprise market.

A key requirement for Zultys was to reduce test time to keep up with a "push-line" assembly process. The push-line uses a conveyor belt to move product down the assembly line through a series of stations. Once all the components are added and wired, the product moves to JTAG stations near the end of the line. The company chose the ScanExpress system from Corelis Inc. Zultys has two JTAG programming and test stations, each with four phones in parallel. In addition to the boot flash which is common to every unit, each phone has unique information programmed into its flash.

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Corelis’ Boundary-Scan Test Products Solve Difficult Prototype Problems at Vanguard Managed Solutions, Saving Countless Hours of Non-Productive Debug Work

Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) has been designing, developing, and deploying innovative and cost-effective networking solutions for over 40 years. During that period VanguardMS has established an enviable track record by focusing on “time-to-market” as the most critical element in successfully delivering complete managed-network solutions to meet the needs of its hundreds of customers around the world. In recent years VanguardMS has relied on Corelis’ ScanExpress Boundary-Scan test systems to shorten its development cycles and bring new products to market sooner by improving the productivity of its engineers in the development and debugging of prototype units.

Scott Dextradeur is an MS Production Test Engineer at VanguardMS whose responsibilities include the testing of production-run assemblies. An exceptional case was recently presented to Scott when a group of R&D engineers came to him urgently requesting help to “bring-up” a CPU-based prototype board.

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Boundary-scan Tools from Corelis reduce development cost at Spectral Systems, Inc. (SSI) by testing prototype boards before the designs are even functional

Spectral Systems, Inc. (SSI) is a leading-edge aerospace engineering and product development company located in southwestern Ohio, the birthplace of manned flight. SSI was founded in 1995 and has grown very rapidly from an engineering service provider to a developer and integrator of advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, sensors and embedded processors.

Ben Steele is a program manager at Spectral Systems responsible for the design and development of state-of-the-art, multi-channel, multi-function digital receiver subsystems. Ben came to Corelis looking for a more effective method for bringing up complex prototype assemblies. The diminishing access of test points on these complex board assemblies, due to fine pitch components and restrictive packaging types such as BGA, often prevented the use of traditional probing methods and was making board bring-up a costly and time consuming process. Design engineers are often faced with a confounding problem when bringing up new prototype assemblies. Detecting a manufacturing defect before a design has been verified as “functional” can be a frustrating task. When this problem is multiplied by the inability to access crucial test points then the initial debug process can become a huge bottleneck that slips the entire development schedule. Aware of these potential pitfalls, Ben was seeking for a more effective solution to help streamline this initial debug process.

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Corelis Boundary-Scan Tools Help Streamline Production Throughput while Reducing Development Cost at Navman NZ Ltd.

Navman is a leading manufacturer of world-class marine electronics and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Established in 1988, the New Zealand based company provides a diverse range of navigation technologies across wide ranging industries.

Terry Dagnin is the lead test engineer at Navman and is responsible for Inspection, Test, and Test Engineering. Terry came to Corelis looking for test solutions that are capable of probing areas of printed circuit board assemblies that are difficult to access due to fine pitch components such as Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices.

The design and test engineers at Navman were under a deadline to introduce their iCN 630 portable in-vehicle navigation product to market and announce it at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show. Navman’s first pilot production run was 1,000 units. Testing and very fast in-system programming were critical for on schedule delivery.

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