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Blackhawk PCI560 JTAG Emulator

The new Blackhawk PCI560 is the third generation of the widely used XDS560-class emulator first introduced by Blackhawk and is the only half-height and half-length XDS560 JTAG Emulator that supports all of the advanced capabilities of Texas Instruments latest DSPs.

Features include a variable TCK (timing clock) up to 50 MHz and includes a detachable, 5 1/2 foot multi-voltage cable/pod assembly suitable for use from 5.0 volts down to 0.5 volts to support the TI low-voltage device roadmap. Software compatibility with all versions of Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE) v2.2 and above.

Device drivers are provided for Windows® 2000, XP, and Vista. Additionally, 64-bit driver versions are available for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. All driver updates are available for download free-of-charge from the Blackhawk website.

The Blackhawk PCI560 JTAG Emulator supports TMS320™, TMS470 (ARM®) and OMAP™ families and the new DaVinci™ platform. The PCI560 JTAG Emulator is also compatible with the Code Composer Studio Flash-burner utility.


  • Half-height and half-length form factor

  • High-speed RTDX™ Support with data rates of over 2 MB/sec

  • Flexible 5 1/2 foot high-speed micro coax cable with cTI
    (20-pin Compact Target Interface)

  • Auto-sensing low I/O voltage support down to 0.5v

  • Real-time, non-intrusive Advanced Event Triggering (AET) capability

  • Up to 100 times faster than XDS510 emulators

  • Free technical support and web downloads


  • Fits in low-profile PC's and workstations

  • Faster Code Downloads

  • Target placement is flexible

  • Supports TI's low-voltage roadmap

  • Helps find software bugs

  • Get's the job done faster


Audio, Automotive, Broadband, Communications, Telecom, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Military, Security, Video and Imaging, Wireless.

System Requirements and Compatibility

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In the Box

  • LAN560 JTAG Emulator

  • 12" JTAG Cable with 20-pin connector

  • 6' USB cable

  • 6' Ethernet cable

  • 20e_cTI to 14t Pin Converter

  • 20e_cTI to 20 ARM Pin Converter

  • 20e_cTI to 60t Pin Converter

  • Desktop Power Supply (Output:5v DC, Input:90-240v AC)

  • US/UK/Euro Wall Cords

  • Installation CD

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Product Warranty Terms and Conditions


Blackhawk PCI560 JTAG Emulator

Blackhawk™ PCI560 JTAG Emulator

Part No.: BH-PCI-560


About Blackhawk

  Blackhawk DSP
Blackhawk™ was the first to introduce a USB JTAG Emulator for Texas Instruments DSP’s and is a member of the Texas Instruments Third Party Developers Network.


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