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Accessory to Ruggedize Boundary-Scan Test Hardware for Vital Applications

The Corelis ScanTAP-IsoPod is an add-on accessory that provides a complete electrical isolation barrier between the target system and the JTAG Test Access Port (TAP). It provides electrical isolation of the JTAG controller TAP signals from the unit under test and enhances the protection of the equipment against harsh electrical environments. The digital isolation offered by the ScanTAP-IsoPod protects boundary-scan controller hardware from ground potential differences that are often present in production floors and in other industrial environments. The ground potential differences are especially harmful when using computer powered USB based test and measurement equipment where the computer and the target system are powered from different AC power lines sources in a noisy industrial environment.

While the Corelis boundary-scan controllers are highly robust and reliable, their use is often extended to harsh environment conditions and where isolation is required between the boundary-scan controller and the target system. While electrical isolation often limits the performance of the equipment on both sides of the isolator, the ScanTAP-IsoPod was designed with high speed in mind, supporting test clocks with rates up to 40 MHz. The ScanTAP-IsoPod is a drop in replacement for most of the Corelis TAP cables as it utilizes the standard 20 pin universal Corelis TAP connector pinout and it eliminates signal stress that might be caused by ground loops or voltage/ground potential mismatches in the test setup.

The ScanTAP-IsoPod is useful on the manufacturing line to prevent an entire line from going down when a controller is damaged and for development where untested targets pose the highest risk of damaging the target. It is compatible with Corelis ScanExpress boundary-scan and functional test tools and most Corelis boundary-scan controllers. The current global economic condition is stressing our clients limited budgets and we are committed to develop products that reduce their test costs.


ScanTAP-IsoPod Benefits

  • Prevent time loses due to manufacturing lines and development grinding to a halt when a boundary-scan controller is damaged.

  • Cut costs from repairing test machines, controllers, and targets due to damage.

  • Limit damage to the boundary-scan controller caused by operator error.

  • Simple to use, the ScanTAP-IsoPod is functionally transparent so no changes to the hardware test setup are needed.

  • Compatible with all Corelis boundary-scan controllers without the need for custom test cables.

Who can benefit from using ScanTAP-IsoPod?

  • The ScanTAP-IsoPod is useful on the manufacturing line to prevent an entire line from going down when a controller is damaged and for development where untested targets pose a significant risk.

  • Customers who currently own Corelis ScanExpress boundary-scan and functional test tools.   ScanTAP-IsoPod is compatible with most Corelis boundary-scan controllers.

ScanTAP-IsoPod Performance and Features

The ScanTAP-IsoPod provides a hardware environment with higher fault tolerance. The following list itemizes some of IsoPod's features:

  • 4 kV isolation barrier helps prevent damage to hardware

  • 3.3 V TAP interface

  • Supports JTAG test clock (TCK) frequencies up to 40 MHz

  • Supports I2C and SPI programming speeds up to 1 MHz

  • Compatible with Corelis boundary-scan controllers

  • Compatible with the ScanExpress family of boundary-scan
    and functional test products

  • Standard Corelis 20-pin TAP connectors

ScanTAP-IsoPod Installation and Usage

The Corelis ScanTAP-IsoPod module connects to Corelis boundary-scan controllers through a 20-pin flat ribbon cable. External power is required and the required 5V power supply is included.

ScanTAP IsoPod System Connection Diagram

ScanTAP-IsoPod System Connection Diagram

There are two 20-pin connectors on the ScanTAP-IsoPod. The connector marked Controller connects to the Corelis boundary-scan controller and the connector marked Target connects to the target unit under test (UUT).

The ScanTAP-IsoPod product consists of the following components:

  • ScanTAP-IsoPod Hardware, Corelis P/N ASF4020100

  • ScanTAP-IsoPod Users Manual (pdf version)

  • Two 20-pin to 20-pin TAP Cables (12), Corelis P/N 15312-2

  • 5V Power Supply, Corelis P/N 4000-05V4A1R3MM

  • Power Cord, Corelis P/N 6000-86537030

The following optional interface cables are also available from Corelis:

  • 20-pin to 20-pin TAP Cable (8), Corelis P/N 15312-1

  • 20-pin HD (high-density) to 20-pin TAP Cable (12), Corelis P/N 15392-2

  • 20-pin HD (high-density) to 20-pin TAP Cable (8), Corelis P/N 15392-1

Connecting to the Controller and the Target

The Corelis ScanTAP-IsoPod module connects to Corelis boundary-scan controllers and to targets through a 20-pin flat ribbon cable. The top view of the 20-pin controller connector (0.100 x 0.100 spacing), including the pin numbering, is shown in the ScanTAP-IsoPod 20-pin Controller Connector diagram below.

ScanTAP IsoPod 20-pin Controller Connector (top view)

ScanTAP-IsoPod 20-pin Controller Connector (top view)

The ScanTAP-IsoPod power must be supplied by the included 5V power supply provided by Corelis (Corelis P/N 4000-05V4A1R3MM). The power supply must be plugged into the same outlet or power strip as the host PC.

Test Setup Integration

The procedure for integrating the ScanTAP-IsoPod into an existing test setup or a new one is simple. There are three major components to the test setup: (1) a Corelis boundary-scan controller, (2) a ScanTAP-IsoPod unit, and (3) a target UUT. Follow the instructions below to integrate the ScanTAP-IsoPod into a test setup. The images below shows a typical test setup where the ScanTAP-IsoPod is placed in series between the controller and the UUT.

Test Setup Using the IsoPod

Test Setup Using the IsoPod


Other Applications

Aside from ground loop prevention, the ScanTAP-IsoPod also provides additional advantages in the testing environment. The ScanTAP-IsoPods isolation circuitry adds additional tolerance against overvoltage and excessive current. This protection is useful to prevent damage to the controller from a user accidentally connecting the TAP cable backwards into the target. It will also help prevent damage from shorts caused by manufacturing defects or other operator errors. Development is also a common environment to use extra protection where the operational results have not yet been verified on untested targets.

Typical ScanTAP IsoPod Application

Typical ScanTAP-IsoPod Application

Pin Connection Diagram

Pin Connection Diagram


Using the ScanTAP-IsoPod with ScanExpress Tools

The ScanTAP-IsoPod module is compatible with ScanExpress Runner, ScanExpress Debugger and ScanExpress Programmer.  For more information on these software tools, click here.

USB-1149.1/E Controller Configuration Screen in ScanExpress Runner

Example: USB-1149.1/E Controller Configuration Screen in ScanExpress Runner


Download the ScanTAP-IsoPod Datasheet if you would like to learn more about ScanTAP-IsoPod

For additional information, please refer to Corelis Application note # 09-0106.

To speak with a Sales Engineer, please click here.

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ScanTAP-IsoPod - Accessory to Ruggedize Boundary-Scan Test Hardware for Vital Applications
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