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ScanExpress RunnerClick

Simplify Test Program Execution for the Operator

Contract manufacturers and off-shore manufacturers often need to run boundary-scan tests using non-technical operators who have limited computer knowledge and applications experience. The standard Corelis ScanExpress Runner gang tester and programmer application, one of the easiest programs to use in its class, is often too complex for such personnel to operate without errors and confusion. This is especially true when testing different types of Units Under Test (UUTs) which requires loading test plan (.tsp) files from various directories on a network drive in a remote manufacturing facility.

Based on inquiries from contract manufacturers, Corelis has created a special purpose Windows application program specifically for contract manufacturers that is designed to minimize operator errors and further simplify the test process.

The operator is presented with a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) which only requires the test operator to enter the serial numbers of the UUTs and the program will then automatically find the correct test plan (.tsp) file related to these particular serial numbers and execute the tests. The boundary-scan test process of first entering a serial number and then clicking the RUN button is simple and not error prone which is very suitable for a manufacturing environment. The GUI is compatible with wedge type optical bar-code readers and production test personnel can even use this program without a keyboard by using an optical bar-code reader.

The Express RunnerClick application program will only execute on computers with an installed and licensed ScanExpress Runner application. The Express RunnerClick program calls the ScanExpress Runner DLL and runs the various boundary-scan tests using ScanExpress Runner, but without the ScanExpress Runner GUI.

As shown below, this program presents a simple, single-dialog user interface that is easy and safe to use and can be utilized by low-skill operators.

Express RunnerClick GUI

Express RunnerClick GUI


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RunnerClick simplifies
ScanExpress Runner:

ScanExpress Runner      ScanExpress Runner Gang

Corelis Software/Hardware Flowchart

Diagram of ScanExpress Software
ScanExpress JET or TPG with Runner and optional software packages
This diagram represents how ScanExpress software works together in providing a solution optimally geared according to your needs.  Click on the diagram to visit individual software/hardware pages, or use the links below.

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  • ScanExpress JET
  • ScanExpress DFT Analyzer
  • ScanExpress Merge
  • ScanExpress Runner
  • ScanExpress Runner Gang
  • ScanExpress ADO
  • ScanExpress RunnerClick
  • ScanExpress Viewer
  • ScanExpress Debugger
  • ScanExpress Programmer
  • ScanExpress Flash Generator

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