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ScanExpress Runner

Test Program Execution

ScanExpress Runner™ is a run-time boundary-scan execution environment which provides the capability to execute boundary-scan tests and perform In-System Programming in a pre-planned, specific order called a test plan. Test vectors and device programming information generated using ScanExpress TPG, ScanExpress JET, or ScanExpress Flash Generator, are executed and the test results can be displayed on-screen and logged to a file.  Infrastructure, interconnect, resistor and memory tests are executed using a Corelis proprietary Compact Vector Format (CVF) file. This file format maximizes test coverage while minimizing the file size. Other formats such as SVF, JAM, and STAPL are also supported for in-system programming. Any number of different test steps can be combined into a test plan. Test steps within a test plan may be added, removed, reordered, enabled, or disabled. These test steps can be executed sequentially, repeated any number of times, or run continuously. Other features of the ScanExpress Runner test executive include:

  • Pass/Fail test sequence execution and failure reporting

  • Test sequence debugging by forcing selected test steps to skip, stop on failure, or continue

  • Detailed and summary test results and reports to a file

  • Prints test results

  • Allows data entry for operator name, UUT name, model number, serial number, etc.

  • Flow control for changing the flow of test execution dynamically based on previous test results

  • Support for Extensible Test Format (ETF) allowing control of external test equipment such as relay controllers and digital multi-meters

  • Bar code reader support

  • Support for execution from third party test applications and executives

  • Support with any Corelis boundary-scan controller

The main ScanExpress Runner window provides an overview of all test steps and the results of each executed test step. When repeating or looping test steps, these results are displayed both for each individual test as well as for the total test runs executed. When a test step fails, the user has the option to either ignore the result and continue to the next test step or display the vectors in a truth table format to determine the cause of the failure. An optional add-on module called ScanExpress ADO is available with ScanExpress Runner that offers automatic truth table analysis and pin-points failures to the net and pin level. ScanExpress ADO is useful for test operators that have little or no technical background.

For complete information on ScanExpress Runner, please refer to the detailed datasheet for this product.

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Test Execution and In-System-Programming

Test Execution and


Low Level Debugging

Low Level Debugging


ScanExpress Advanced Diagnostics Option performs Intelligent
Fault Analysis:

ScanExpress ADO

RunnerClick simplifies
ScanExpress Runner
for the test operator, see:

ScanExpress RunnerClick

For High-Volume Production, see:

ScanExpress Runner Gang

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