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ScanExpress Merge

System-Level Test

Traditional boundary-scan testing has been primarily used as a complete test and programming solution for single printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. New technology and software now allow boundary-scan testing to be easily extended to test systems that consist of multiple PCBs, treating them as a single, combined unit.

ScanExpress Merge provides users the capability to fully test boundary-scan interconnections across assemblies and modules. This tool can be used to combine multiple target assemblies and treat them as a single boundary-scan compatible target system. ScanExpress Merge has many applications, including:

  • Motherboard and daughter card assembly testing

  • Multiple card chassis testing

  • Gang testing of multiple cards

As motherboard and daughter card assemblies become more commonplace, interconnect testing between these assemblies becomes more critical. The figure to the right depicts a typical multi-assembly system where two daughter boards plug into a main board. Without ScanExpress Merge, interconnect testing for each assembly would be isolated within each module. With ScanExpress Merge, the three assemblies are combined together providing interconnect testability between all three. ScanExpress Merge can be used in a similar manner for any system topology. By preprocessing the test data files of each of the assemblies, ScanExpress Merge generates a unified set of input files that are compatible with Corelis ScanExpress TPG Test Pattern Generator. ScanExpress TPG will automatically process the merged assemblies and generate test vectors for the entire combined system, thereby extending boundary-scan testing and programming to the system level. ScanExpress Merge provides an exceptionally easy-to-use setup wizard that contains step-by-step instructions creating a mistake-free environment.

ScanExpress Merge can also automate the process of testing external board I/O and traces that are connected to DIMM memory sockets and connectors. ScanExpress Merge combines the data of the board and the data of the Corelis SCANIO parallel I/O modules into a single set of merged input files that are compatible with ScanExpress TPG. Adding support for boundary-scan parallel I/O modules saves time by eliminating the need to describe the connections between the PCB connectors and the modules. To further simplify operations, ScanExpress Merge automatically adds a prefix to the names of items that are associated with each assembly such as net names, reference designators, etc. This allows the user to uniquely identify each assembly within the combined system and to properly diagnose faults when the complete system is tested. The default prefix is optional for each of the merged assemblies and can be specified by the user.

For boards that plug directly into one another via a one-to-one connector, ScanExpress Merge automatically finds and connects the relevant nets on both sides of the connector. The user is only required to specify which connectors are mated. This feature is very useful when using daughter cards that plug into motherboards or cards that plug into a backplane. In addition, ScanExpress Merge automatically generates connection lists for mated connectors and generates suggested wire lists for connections to Corelis SCANIO modules. This allows an engineer to follow ScanExpress Merges recommended connection list rather than having to prepare a separate SCANIO-to-UUT connection list manually.

For complete information on ScanExpress Merge, please refer to the detailed datasheet for this product.

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ScanExpress Merge Main Screen

ScanExpress Merge Main Screen


Merging Modules into a Single Assembly

Merging Modules into a Single Assembly



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