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Texas Instruments AM DM37x CPU Support


Texas Instruments AM DM37x CPU Support

Texas instruments AM/DM37x Sitara and DaVinci digital media processors include high performance interfaces to a host of peripheralsperipherals that may be inaccessible to external probes, but are still at risk of faults and require thorough tests. With Corelis JET technology, the same CPU used to run your system can be leveraged to functionally test, verify, and program these peripheralsnon-intrusively and at-speed.

Corelis ScanExpress JET makes full use of the ARM Cortex-A8 core; by taking control of the AM/DM37x JTAG port, ScanExpress JET can provide convenient development and execution of the complete Corelis functional test suite for supported system peripherals.
  ScanExpress JET AM DM37x Peripheral List
  Device Type Part/Model Number
AM37x TMS320AM3703, AM3715
DM37x DM37xx, DM37xx
Memory Interfaces (2) LPDDR
Flash Interfaces NAND (3)
UART Integrated
I2C Integrated
Ethernet (EMAC) SMSC LAN9220
PMIC Texas Instruments TPS65950

(1) Part list is subject to change. Please contact Corelis for the most current list.
(2) Custom initialization scripts may be required.
(3) NAND Flash bad block management is not currently supported. Call for availability.

Standard Tests

TI AM/DM37x CPU Support for ScanExpress JET includes automatic test generation for commonly used peripherals.

  • CPU Initialization - Test basic communication and functions of the CPU.

  • SDRAM - Execute a full suite of at-speed SDRAM tests to catch hard-to-find faults.

  • NAND & NOR FlashTest and program Flash using maximum CPU clock speed.

  • I2C Discovery - Scan the I2C bus to identify and communicate with connected devices.

  • UART Loopback - Verify UART communication via a simple loopback cable.

  • Ethernet Loopback - Test Ethernet functions using a simple loopback cable.

  • Power Management IC (PMIC) - Ensure that the power management system is fully functional.

Custom Tests

The ScanExpress JET development system includes a powerful scripting language and integrated script debugger; write your own tests or load compiled code right from the JET integrated development environment.

Features, pricing, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For complete information on ScanExpress JET, please refer to the detailed datasheet for this product.

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Peripheral List

ScanExpress JET 13 Point Benefit

  The JTAG Embedded Test (JET) method extends coverage beyond popular boundary-scan techniques to virtually every signal of the UUT that is accessible by on-board CPU(s). This includes most of the remaining non-scannable, analog and I/O port resources. 
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