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ScanExpress Flash Generator

Flash Programming File Generation

When programmable devices such Flash, SEEPROM, CPLD, and FPGA are connected to boundary-scan devices on a circuit board, ScanExpress Flash Generator can be used to create programming files to access them via the JTAG interface. The software combines a board netlist, scan-chain information, and BSDL files to automatically generate the necessary scan vectors to perform read, write, erase, and verify operations. ScanExpress Flash Generator boasts a wide range of supported flash devices and manufacturers including Intel, Spansion, Microchip, Samsung, Micron, ST, TI, and many more.

A wide range of features are available with the software including specifying multiple Flash devices for applications involving increased data bus width and address depth, scan-chain optimization and external write strobe access for quicker programming speeds, and a custom device library for adding new devices. The programming files can be executed using either the ScanExpress Programmer or ScanExpress Runner execution environments.

For complete information on ScanExpress Flash Generator, please refer to the detailed datasheet for this product.

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Flash Generator Screen

Flash Generator Screen

Flash Generator Screens

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