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Bus Analyzers

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BusPro I2C

The BusPro I2C Bus Monitor, Debugger, and Programmer is the perfect instrument for engineers who design, verify, and test circuit boards that incorporate the I2C Bus. It integrates many powerful hardware and software capabilities at a very affordable price.

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BusPro I2C Demo Software Download a demonstration copy of the I2C Exerciser software.

BusPro I2C Demo Software

BusPro I2C User's Manual Download the BusPro I2C User's Manual Click Here

The CAS-1000-I2C/E is our enhanced model targeted towards IC verification and parametric testing.  It is a High-Performance I2C Bus Analyzer, Exerciser, Emulator, Debugger, Tester, and Programmer.  The CAS-1000-I2C/E hardware provides more advanced features such as master and slave emulation, bus specification validation, bus parameter measurement, glitch injection, clock stretching and adjustable timing skew.

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CAS-1000-12C/E Demo Software Download a demonstration copy of the I2C Exerciser software.

CAS-1000-12C/E Demo Software

CAS-1000-12C/E User's Manual Download the CAS-1000-I2C/E User's Manual Click Here
CAS-1000-12C/E Online Demo

Please turn on your speakers before playing the demo and press F11 in your browser to maximize the viewing area. This 30-minute video demonstration runs through many capabilities of the I2C analyzer, demonstrates it working with a real I2C-based target, and provides an excellent overview of the major features of the product.

CAS-1000-12C/E Online Demo


ARINC Test and Simulation

Product Description Datasheets Link
PCI-629 ARINC-629 PCI-bus Tester Card Click Here
CVXI-629 ARINC-629 VXI-bus Tester Module

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Bus Analyzer Comparison Chart - CAS-1000-I2C/E vs BusPro I2C

Bus Analyzer Comparison Chart

BusPro-I CAS-1000-I2C/E
I2C Feature Summary
Monitor (I2C Traffic Capture)
up to 5 MHz

up to 5 MHz
Debugger (I2C Master)
up to 5 MHz

up to 5 MHz
Programmer (In-System Programming)
Emulator (I2C Slave Device Emulation)  
up to 1.9 MHz
Test (Script-Driven I2C Bus Tester)  
Parameters Scope (I2C Bus Measurement)  
I2C Bus Support
Fast-mode Plus (Fm+)
High-speed mode (Hs-mode)
7-bit Address Support
10-bit Address Support
Bus Master
Multi-Master Capable
PEC (Packet Error Checking) Generation
PEC (Packet Error Checking) Validation
Traffic Monitor (Detail)
Trace Listing
Time Stamping
Timing Waveform Depiction
Programmable Traffic Filtering
Trigger Event Detection
Automatic Protocol Checking
Symbol Replacement
Continous Logging of Trace Data
Interactive Debugger (Detail)
Transmit Data
Receive Data
Simultaneous Operation with Monitor
Serial EEPROM Programmer (Detail)
Device Emulator (Detail)
Emulated Master Device  
Emulated Slave Device  
(up to 10)
Emulated Slave Clock Stretching on Data ACK Bit  
Script-driven Bus Tester (Detail)
Script-based Debugging  
Forced Bus Error Injection  
Glitch Pattern Injection  
Parameters Scope (Detail)
Analog Waveform Display  
Parametric Measurements  
Third Party Interface
Development API / DLL
LabVIEW Support
External Signalling
General Purpose I/O Signals

SMB Trigger In
SMB Trigger Out
IEEE-1149.1 Boundary-Scan JTAG Controller  
Part Number 90010 90002
High-speed USB 2.0 Device
Bus-powered USB Device
I2C Exerciser Software GUI
Windows XP/Vista Support
RoHS Compliant
CE Marked


I2C Exercise Software Demo Download


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